Current and Past Clients

The Wilson County Substance Prevention Coalition received its first HRSA grant to focus on the opioid epidemic in rural North Carolina and had just onboard a new project director. The INCITE team quickly and efficiently jumped in to operationalize this new strategic initiative, guiding staff and coalition members in setting up the infrastructure and project management systems necessary to successfully manage federal grants. INCITE was also able to provide subject matter expertise and network facilitation to successfully meet all federal deliverables and timelines. Through this engagement, the Wilson Coalition was able to develop stronger partners in the community, to access new funding streams, and collectively to more than double the Coalition’s operational budget.  

ANCOR is a national advocacy association representing community providers of services to people with disabilities. Their mission is to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities fully participate in their communities. ANCOR wanted to take a bold step to grow exponentially, to represent a larger community of providers, and to strengthen ANCOR’s advocacy voice in Washington DC. Over the past three years, INCITE has provided valuable expertise and project management support, extending staff capacity, and helping ANCOR to develop and implement a new membership model, more than tripling overall membership and membership engagement. 

Case Community Counseling Center of Ohio

Our unique, people-first approach to strategic planning helped the Community Counseling Center in Ohio successfully implement a new executive decision-making infrastructure and helped identify strategic initiatives that could focus on revenue growth and employee engagement. Critical has been INCITE’s ongoing engagement with the leadership team, supporting the CEO to focus more energy on long-range strategic planning instead of putting out fires.

Our work included:

  • Strategic recommendations for organizational structure and more proactive approaches to addressing challenges
  • Bringing structure for leadership team meetings
  • Building clarity of messaging on strategic direction

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