The Power of Networking

How often do you take time for “networking?” When was the last time you encouraged your team to dedicate time to developing strategic relationships? Do you have a plan to carve out time to purposefully “connect?” When I have these types of conversations with organizational leaders, I’ll often ask a follow-up question about a successful […]

CEO Perspective – The Power of Networking

Interview with Paul Bolino, CEO of Community Counseling Center, Ohio The role of your organization as a community partner has grown tremendously under your leadership; was this a priority that you established when you joined the organization? Yes, this was absolutely a priority for our organization. We needed to get the word out about what […]

CEO Perspectives

We spoke with Diane Gould, President & CEO of Advocates in Framingham, MA about managing complex change. Why did you decide to invest in how your organization manages change? Like many organizations, we have a history of starting projects and six months later looking across the table asking, “whatever happened with that project?” We participated […]