Investing in Workforce Development by Spreading Joy

#behavioralhealth #BH365 #joyinwork #BHLeadership When I read Richard Sheridan’s book, Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workforce People Love, it rang so true to me. I don’t think there’s any workplace that thinks, “we don’t really care if people like working here or like their job,” but Joy, Inc. took the concept 180 degrees from […]

Why Focus on Professional Development, An Interview with Mark Ware, MHMR of Tarrant County.

#behavioralhealth #leadership #professionaldevelopment #BH365# #mentalhealth Employee turnover and employee satisfaction are big issues for many behavioral health organizations, and while everyone agrees they’re important, not all organizations have a dedicated plan to promote a positive work environment, support employees, and encourage professional development. Deciding where to focus limited resources can be a daunting task for […]

What’s the real value of family engagement

I have a brother with bipolar disorder and our story is one of the more tragic. I say our story because we are a family; his life impacts ours and his illness has broken us all. Every single clinician I’ve ever talked to says they value family involvement. Every CEO of a behavioral health care […]

Managing Complex Change in Behavioral Health Organizations

Recently I spoke with friend and colleague Matt Hoffman, Managing Partner from Afia Health. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Matt and the Afia team for the past three years, and for many years before that at the National Council for Behavioral Health. Many of you are familiar with their work as technology […]

Red Fish in a Sea of Blue

I’m a Republican and I care as much about behavioral health as any Democrat I’ve met. Despite preconceptions we may have about each other, there are areas of agreement when it comes to the importance of helping those with mental health and substance use disorders. Just because the solutions may be different, doesn’t mean the […]